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Top 10 Causes of death


The USA has just published their list of top 10 causes of death for 2014.

The top 10 causes of death in the USA for 2014 are:

Heart disease (23.4% of all deaths)

Cancer (22.5%)

Chronic lower respiratory diseases (5.6%)

Accidents (unintentional injuries; 5.2%)

Cerebrovascular diseases (5.1%)

Alzheimer's disease (3.6%)

Diabetes mellitus (2.9%)

Influenza and pneumonia (2.1%)

Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis (1.8%)

Intentional self-harm (suicide; 1.6%).

These cover about 75% of deaths. The top 2 are well out in front and both risks can be reduced with regular health checks and blood tests.