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HRT is safe


At the 2015 meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine scientists have given HRT the all clear and say that it is more beneficial than harmful.
At County Pathology we regularly monitor women on HRT to confirm that the hormones are being absorbed adequately so it is good to know that Hormone Replacement Therapy is safe. But, one million women may have been suffering debilitating symptoms of menopause needlessly because of flawed reports linking it to cancer.
An entire generation of women stopped taking HRT following studies in the early 2000s which suggested that the treatment raised the risk of heart disease and breast, ovarian and womb cancers.
But new research, which followed women for a decade has found no evidence that HRT is linked to any life-threatening condition.
It means that for more than a decade, a million post-menopausal women have been enduring hot flushes, night sweats, depression and increased risk of osteoporosis for no reason.
Dr Lila Nachtigall, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at New York University, said it was a "shame" that there had been a "huge drop" in the number of women taking HRT following health scares.
"We believe that the right HRT preparation, in the right woman, has low overall risks and has significant benefits." said Nick Panay, consultant gynaecologist "We found women taking HRT over a long period of time to be in very good health," she said. "It's now clear that women on HRT over many years can enjoy benefits. The risks of HRT have definitely been overstated. The benefits outweigh the risks."
If you would like to have your hormone levels monitored we can help.