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High Thyroid hormones linked to dementia


If your Thyroid hormones are on the high side you are at increased risk of dementia.
High-functioning thyroid levels such as a Free T4, including those falling within the normal range, show an association with an increased likelihood of dementia, even after adjustment for cardiovascular disease risk factors, suggesting a possible target for dementia and Alzheimer's disease therapies, according to new research.
"In our study we show that not only high but also high-normal thyroid function is related to an increased risk of dementia," said Layal Chaker, MD, of Erasmus University Medical Center, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
"The clinical implications could include the use of thyroid function, an easily obtained measure in serum, in screening for and risk prediction of dementia."
While previous research has suggested a role of thyroid dysfunction in dementia, studies evaluating the multiple aspects of thyroid function have been lacking until now