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Fake Path Lab


I have wondered if it would be possible to set up a Pathology Laboratory and just generate random results without the tiresome necessity to purchase any analysers. Apparently it is.
On the face of it, it had everything a standard private pathological laboratory should have — uniformed staff in lab coats, a corner room marked “Lab Entry” and a large clientele that waited patiently to give blood samples and take reports.

All it lacked was the basic apparatus or equipment to test blood samples.

Located close to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Safdarjung Hospital in the Capital, this lab in Yusuf Sarai’s NDMC market has done roaring business over the past seven years and till Sunday was handing at least a hundred reports each day.

His luck ran out when pathologist Dr Anu Kundra found out that a lab was using her forged signature on test reports. She sent a decoy to the diagnostic centre for proof.

When police went to the lab for verification, they found it did not even have basic equipment to test something as ordinary as a person’s blood group.